Center for Women and Enterprise

nsscweMs. Scheiber-Kurtz organized the A2C (Access to Capital) Forum on November 11th, 2008 with the theme of “Exploring Growth & Funding Strategies

[Access to Capital] A2C was an all day forum hosting 200 entrepreneurs that aims to bolster their skills in the areas of growth and capital. We offer New England’s high-growth women’s businesses advice on funding strategies and pertinent panels providing tools in order to reach their company’s maximum potential. Keynote Speaker: Janet Kraus, CEO and Co- Founder, Spire

nssa2c1The Center for Women and Enterprise offers high growth businesses educational classes and programs on access to capital for women entrepreneurs. Ms. Scheiber-Kurtz taught a class this past spring for CWE’s Venture 101 Program on investor presentations and she was also a coach to one of the CEOs in the program. Quarterly “Coffee and Capital” events are also hosted for more informal discussions with potential investors.

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