The launch of the NSS Blog!

Welcome to our Blog. We are delighted to share with you that our company is growing and we are expanding our CFO consulting team. NSS recognizes the global economic state and the changes that are upon us. More than ever, companies need a CFO who is aligned with corporate strategy.
Research indicates that CFO turnover is up 36 percent from two (2) years ago, according to a KPMG Study from April, 2009. The average tenure is only 20 months. This is a costly affair for emerging businesses at the tune off $500-$800K a year, including all the benefits, bonuses, finder’s fees and perks.
NSS has a capital efficient way to solve that problem. We provide outsourced, strategic CFO and financial advisory services and take on all your risk. NSS focuses not only on the governance piece, but also all aspects of finance including operations and strategy. Our consultants bring the full spectrum of financial expertise to our clients to help you drive the change. We are the business partner you can trust and bounce off ideas. We take your strategy and translate it into a financial road map.
In our experience with small companies, we have witnessed a void of strategic finance and financial modeling. The organizational mindset of a CFO is vital in supporting the CEO as a business partner in creating value for any business. The collective knowledge of our NSS team is passed on to our clients who benefit from our depth of finance and exposure of multiple industries.
In this bi-monthly blog, we will provide small and medium size businesses with relevant, thematic articles written by Subject Matter Expertise (SMEs) and the NSS team. We begin our thematic blog in June with the topic of “Funding Options” written by three SMEs from different funding agencies. NSS then will post a blog on that same subject but from a finance perspective.
Stay tuned and sign up today! Need a CFO, call us today.

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