Three New Services for Emerging Businesses

Our three new core service offerings help emerging businesses articulate their financial vision:
1. CFO on Demand. In emerging businesses, CFOs are often hired too early or too late; and all too frequently, emerging businesses hire a CFO who is not the right fit. The cost of these mistakes is staggering, both in dollars and efficiency: the average rate of CFO turnover at small and midsized companies is merely 20 months; the cost of screening and hiring two CFOs in a 20 month span can reach as high as $800,000, not including the disruption to the company as it transitions between the two CFOs. NSS confronts this problem by acting as an outsourced CFO on an as-needed basis. This straightforward method creates greater capital efficiency without compromising expertise and eliminates the cost of a CFO search or transition, thereby strengthening the company’s cash flow position.
2. Strategic Finance. Most financial services companies provide their clients with one game plan, strictly focused on the financial picture of the here and now. By contrast, the NSS team equips its clients with multiple game plans; a blueprint for every contingency. Moreover, the NSS plans are focused not only on the immediate fiscal present but also the future, not merely in finance but in operations and management. NSS recognizes that today’s CFO needs to wear many hats and provide the full spectrum of financial guidance to sustainable and growing businesses; governance, compliancy and financial reporting are still important, but they are just one piece of the job.
3. Collective Knowledge. When you hire NSS, you get much more than a pro tempore CFO. NSS offers years of experience – our team possesses complementary skill sets with varied backgrounds, implementing new financial strategies at emerging businesses. Our client-management system is geared toward extensive communication and unparalleled attention to detail. Our team meets regularly to exchange ideas about your company’s challenges. Together, they pass on their collective knowledge to your assigned CFO, who will communicate with you through weekly status reports. As an emerging business ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to simply keep track of today’s financial headaches, let alone tomorrow’s.

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