Announcement of the New Website

Yesterday I attended a ceremonial announcement on the unveiling of the website, a collaboration between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), an organization that supports businesses in Massachusetts and provides many programs and resources.

The event took place at the headquarters of the Roxbury Technology Company where President and CEO Beth Williams welcomed all of us.  Ms. Williams talked about the importance of using local vendors and encouraged us to do the same, now even easier to accomplish with this new web portal. makes it easy to connect with companies of all sizes that call Massachusetts home.  It is a Business-to-Business Network for services and products.  Richard Lord, President and CEO of AIM, also spoke with enthusiasm of the new portal by exclaiming “We want to lead the recovery, not follow it!”

Secretary Greg Bialecki from the Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development for Massachusetts participated in the official launch of the website stating the importance of collaboration between government and business.  They want to work hand in hand.

Take a look at the website yourself and consider joining. After all, together we can move ahead of the recovery!

Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz, CEO of Next Stage Solutions, Inc

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