Are You at $10MM in Sales and Stuck?

If so, don’t miss this complimentary workshop!

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“Hiring People Who Can Sell”

For Company Presidents, CEOs and Senior Executives

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 | 7:30am – 9:30am
220 Washington Street | One Newton Executive Park |
Newton, MA
Hosted by

Companies have to rely on their sales teams more today than arguably any other time in history. If the sale does not get made-someone will not be placed and the job will not get done. Those that have failed have done so not because they did not make the commitment or invest in the training. They failed because they did not have the right people on board. No motivational speech is going to make people do what they don’t ultimately want to do. And for those that have tried to force it they will tell you that whatever small success they did have was short lived.

The real key is hiring people who have the ability to close and deliver results. They know that if they don’t make the sale, another company will be happy to do so. They understand that selling is not pushing product or ideas but rather engaging folks in a meaningful dialogue while properly managing expectations. But how do you find these things out in an interview? How does someone  proof to have what it takes to be successful?

This program is designed for Presidents, CEOs and Senior Executives and will not be as useful for non-managers or anyone else who cannot absolutely influence the hiring process.

Consider The Following:
Building a People Bank
Key Questions to Ask
What are The Top Two Indicators of Success in Sales
Red Flags
How People Confuse Enthusiasm with Sales Ability
New Thinking on Assessments
The Actual Interview Process
The Importance of Sales Leadership
Is it a Sales Culture or a Referral Culture (Big Difference)

The Speaker:
Jim Ayraud is CEO and Founder of Next Level, Inc.a successful sales management consulting firm located in Franklin
, MA. Jim has more than two-decades of sales, sales management, brand marketing and sales training experience. He is a highly touted public speaker and is recognized in the Boston area as one of the top sales management consultants.
Prior to founding Next Level, Jim spent his sales and marketing career with some of the best companies in America including Procter & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark Corporation. This high caliber experience provided Jim with the foundational selling and management skills that have become the backbone of this company today.
During the past 14 years, Jim and his team have trained multiple companies in 60-plus industries. The variety of sales & sales management issues that Next Level has faced with its clients puts them in a special and unique category of being rel-world advisors.

The Workshop is complimentary;

RSVP email

or call 617-449-7728.
Limited attendance to keep it interactive.

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