A CEO Survey to gain trigger points for action

Are you a CEO or  President of a company? If so, take this survey and be done in less than 4 minutes!!

We want your participation in our Annual NSS CEO Survey. The survey is anonymous, so your privacy is completely protected. The information collected from this survey will be aggregated and only the collective data will be shared.

We are conducting this survey to better understand how you view the current and future state of your organization and what is of importance to your company in moving forward.

We have experienced one of the worst economic cycles in the nation’s history.  From today’s afflictions to tomorrow’s aspirations, the annual NSS CEO survey presents a number of options that will contribute to overcoming challenges. Rank what priorities you think are most important and then find out what your peers are thinking.

How will you prioritize the next steps for your organization?

Within the framework of present state, future state, challenges and resources, please review and rank the following questions. It is a forced rating, meaning that we ask you to choose from most to least.

To take our survey, please go to:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NLHHBP2

Next Stage Solutions, Inc. 2011- Proprietary & Confidential

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