Video Clips from NSS Workshop "How to Gain Access to Capital Markets"

This is NSS’ second year of providing topic specific CEO workshops. They have been well attended and we offer them about every other month. We cover a broad range of topics important to CEOs from increasing valuation to succession planning. The topic on “Accessing Capital Markets” is the #1 challenge businesses face, according to our recent CEO Survey.

We wanted to capture the essence and caliber of the discussions on video so that we can share them with more CEOs and other thought leaders.

We take pride in our selection of panelists and moderators who are leaders in their respective fields. Our thanks again to the workshop panelists:

  • Skip Kelly of Silicon Valley Bank
  • Katherine Brand of Monroe Credit Advisors
  • Joan McArdle of Massachusetts Capital Resources Company
  • Patricia Conry of Middlesex Savings Bank

If you are in the process of looking for debt or equity financing, NSS can help you prepare the story and the numbers so that lenders will listen.

Call us at 617-449-7728 today to set up a time to meet.

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