The People Factor: A Discussion on Leadership Development and Succession Planning

Join us for another stellar CEO Workshop

The People Factor: A Discussion on Leadership Development and Succession Planning

Thursday, January 26, 2012 from 7:30am – 9:30am

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Companies succeed because of people and people succeed because of the environment and culture we set as CEOs.  Finding the right hire for your business or your executive team is more difficult than often anticipated.  In our workshop evaluations you have marked this topic as very important.  We are excited to bring you another panel of experts around this theme. We will focus on two aspects:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Succession Planning

The exceptional line up of  experts will share how to create a passionate and competitive environment for employees to excel and grow.


Bonni DiMatteo, President of Atlantic Consultants


William Bachman, COO of  Bingham

Lyn Kaplan, Business Performance Advisor at Insperity

Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach at Medical Development Partners

Larry Stybel, President of Stybel & Peabody Associates, Inc

Bring your own questions and learn from the experts:

  • How to hire for success?
  • How to train and support a valued employee from field to management?
  • What are key components to building a highly effective executive team?
  • What assessment tools do I need to evaluate and define talent?
  • What are best practices in implementing a successful succession plan?
  • How do you create and live an ideal culture for your organization?


Insperity, Inc


Next Stage Solutions,Inc

Sign up and add this to your calendar today!  This event is complimentary yet registration is required.

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