A Debate on Growth: How will you Grow your Company in this Economy?

Wednesday, 11 April 2012 CEO DEBATE   10:30am – 12:30pm with a light lunch

Sign up today to guarantee a space; last event was sold out!  We limited the debate to the first 40 CEOs and Business Owners.

A Debate on Growth:  How will you Grow your Company in this Economy?

This debate will tackle the pros and cons of organic versus acquisition growth.

  • What is your appetite for risk?
  • Are you looking for fast growth and if so, which way can you grow faster?
  • What are the opportunities and constraints to consider for your business?
  • What are some of the hurdles to avoid on either track?

Host: Gray, Gray and Gray at 34 Southwest Park, Westwood, MA 02090

Facilitator: Frank Leibly,  Alcon Partners

Acquisition Side:

Sal Calvino, CEO of Quantem Aviation Services

Janice Shields, Shields & Company, Inc.

Jack Langworthy, Covington Associates

Laurie Kirk, The Board Forum

Steve Honig, Duane Morris LLP

Organic Side:

Bob France, CEO of Senate Construction Corp.

Deb LaPointe, Enterprise Bank

Ted Clark, Center for Family Business at Northeastern University

Shannon Zollo, Morse, Barnes-Brown, Pendelton

Sponsor: Next Stage Solutions, Inc

From our Annual CEO Survey in 2011, we learned that the #1 Aspiration for CEOs was Sales Growth. We are responding to that particular question in two ways:

1)    Organic Growth – survey says:

  • Constraint 1:  Sales department is not in place
  • Constraint 2:  Business infrastructure not in place

2)    Growth via Acquisition – survey says:

  • Constraint 1:  Access to capital markets (Prior NSS CEO Workshop)
  • Constraint 2:  How to recognize an opportunity

In this debate we will explore how CEOs and experts view the two venues of growth and how to identify and recognize opportunities and synergies. This is also an exploration of how much risk the CEOs feel comfortable with.  A fun and educational, interactive debate where your participation is wanted.

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