NSS CEO Workshop | Mock Board Meetings with CEOs | Sept 27

NSS Workshop Series for CEOs and Business Owners

CEO Workshops are part of our continuing series of educational forums where CEO’s participate in peer to peer exchanges of ideas and thought leadership. We focus on the CEO’s role as the center of the business.  Professional Advisors may attend if accompanied by a CEO or Business Owner. No solicitations allowed.

Planning Growth:  Looking Back 6| Moving Forward 12

When: Thursday | September 27 | 10:30am – 12:30pm |

Light Lunch Sponsored by NSS client

Host: Gray, Gray and Gray at 35 Southwest Park, Westwood, MA 02090



Join us for 4 Mock Board Meetings addressing strengths, opportunities and threats for the upcoming 12 months while reflecting on the past 6 months. Each CEO, teamed up with a CFO, chooses a challenge they are faced with and a course of action.

They then present the solution to the ‘board’ that will examine, question and probe the team from different angles.  The audience (shareholders) will add questions and comments and vote at the end whether or not to approve the course of action then will vote the solution a go or no-go.


Mobile | George Adams, CEO of ViziApps, Inc and NSS CFO Derek Smith

Life Sciences | Bonnie Fendrock, Co-Founder of Hepregen, Inc and NSS CFO Bob Weber

Healthcare | Patrice Lamour, CEO of  Lamour by Design, Inc and NSS CFO Frank Bahl

Retail | Mike Savage, CEO of FitnessEM, Inc and NSS CFO Ben Weller

Board Chair: Carol Kunik, Coach for Vistage International will lead the panel of experts as board chair

Expert Panel as Board Members:

Neal Yanofsky, Strategic Partner at New Delta Partners will focus on the overall planned growth and how to realistically achieve it.

Michael Cecere, Partner at Gray, Gray & Gray will consider the tax implications of your solution.

Michael LaCascia, Partner at WilmerHale will stress the importance of looking at acquisitions for growth

Shelley Hall, Managing Director of Catalytic Management will be looking for a sound sales strategy and a strong emphasis on customer relations.

Larry Stybel, VP of Board Options, Inc will want to see a solid talent acquisition and retention plan in place.

Jay Karamourtopoulos, Senior Vice President Relationship Manager at CitiBank will consider the capital market status as an opportunity to growth.


  • 4  Mock Board Sessions
  • 15 minutes Board meeting
  • 5 minutes for Shareholders (Audience) to ask questions, then take a vote

Quote from last event:

“I did find the panel format lively and a very relevant topic for my client”  – Debra J. Drapalla,  SVP Commercial Banking, Webster Bank

VIDEOS from our last Workshop with 23 CEOs attending

We hope you can join us to witness the energy, seriousness and enthusiasm and to take back some new ideas in how to grow your business.

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