Planning Growth: The CEO Challenge 2

NSS Workshop Series for CEOs and Business Owners

CEO Workshops are part of our continuing series of educational forums where CEOs participate in peer-to-peer exchanges of ideas and thought leadership. We focus on the CEOs role as the center of the business. Prof. Advisors may attend with a CEO.

Planning Growth: The CEO Challenge

Wed | March 13, 2013 | 10:30am – 12:30pm with a light lunch

Place: WilmerHale | 850 Winter Street | Waltham, MA

Join a group of CEOs addressing strengths, opportunities and threats for the upcoming 12 months while reflecting on the past 6 months. Each CEO, teamed up with a CFO, chooses a challenge they are faced with and a course of action.

They then present the solution to the advisory board that will examine, question and probe the team from different angles.  The audience will add questions and comments and vote at the end whether or not to approve the course of action then will vote the solution a go or no-go.

Our theme is around the Strategic Challenge CEOs face:

  • Strategic Market Assessment
  • Organization & Talent Management
  • Growth Strategies from planning to delivery
  • Infrastructure build-out to achieve scalability


Laurie Halloran CEO of Halloran Consulting Group

Paresh Shah, CEO of  Mindleaf, Inc


Carol Kunik, CEO Coach, Vistage International will focus on the overall planned growth and how to realistically achieve it.

Advisory Board Members:

Joshua Fox, Partner at WilmerHale will stress the importance of looking at acquisitions for growth.

Bonni DiMatteo, President of Atlantic Consultants will focus on company culture and communications.

Bill Schmidt, Managing Director at Next Stage Solutions will consider the cost/benefit of the solution.

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