Update from the NSS Team

Update from the NSS Team…..

Last quarter of 2012 was a busy one for NSS. Some highlights here:

Blu Homes, Inc. makes beautiful green homes suitable for a wide range of residential, commercial and institutional buyers. Blu engaged NSS to provide them with  immediate and seamless interim CFO support during their executive search for a permanent hire. See Blu Homes’ endorsement.

The bakery that makes you feel good with its products and are free of additives and artificial ingredients. Swissbäkers engaged NSS’ services to drive project financing as well as to create the operating business systems to maintain control over growth and profitability as the business scales to new, much higher volumes.

New in 2013

NSS was assigned to work with 8 companies nationwide  through the Larta Institute. Five are through the NIH and three through TATRAC funding agencies.  The focus is to guide the companies towards commercialization with an investor presentation, an 18-month milestone plan and a Quad Chart.

Congratulations to Swissbäkers who was awarded one of the Matching Grant in Manufacturing. Last week, Swissbäkers moved into a very large baking/café facility and NSS is advising them on the plant layout and how to efficiently utilize their new footprint. Stay tuned for the grand opening of the Café!

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