What CEOs need to know before Acquiring a Business

Today’s highly competitive marketplace, CEOs continually face the rigorous challenges and uncertainties of critical decisions to grow their businesses profitably. Acquiring a new business can be an effective means to achieve a company’s strategic grow goals. Although there are many tangible benefits in adopting an acquisition strategy, the process can be a very time-consuming, stressful, and distracting experience for the leadership of an organization. With proper planning, valuation, and execution a company can reduce risks and maximize their value creation.

Video Highlights:

NSS provides CEO Workshops as part of a continuing series of educational forums where CEOs participate in peer-to-peer exchanges of ideas and thought leadership. Most recently a group of CEOs and M&A specialists provided insights and expertise on acquisition goals, trends, and methods employed by successful companies. Panel participants included seasoned advisors and executives from WilmerHale, Alcon Partners, Consilium Partners, Guardair Corporation, and Next Stage Solutions discussing the following on what CEOs should know:

  • Clearly define your strategic goals and have a strong rationale for making an acquisitions.
  • Evaluate your options before committing Company resources (alliances, partnerships, licenses etc.)
  • Planning is critical; must conduct extensive due diligence upfront
  • Strategic Fit – examine impact on organization, customers, & stakeholders
  • Engage key advisors to reduce risks and maximize value creation
  • Competition is still pretty tight – expect to pay what you are looking to acquire
  • Involve the right people to objectively review and make the right decisions
  • Adhere to clearly defined processes, procedures, and guidelines
  • Always be prepared to say “NO” and move on to next opportunity
  • Identify Integration Strategy and resources needed to execute the plan
  • Ensure financial model includes best case, most likely case, and worst case scenari

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