Forward-Looking Finance Leader for Tomorrow's Market Challenges

The Forward-Looking Finance Leader you need Today to meet the Market Place Challenges of Tomorrow!

In tandem with our Webisode Rudi Tuesday launch Oct 1, 2013, let me share additional insight on how to think about your Finance Leader in your business, and why it matters to the company you want to be tomorrow.

What does Forward-Looking Finance mean?

According to Deloitte “it means being able to advance your organization’s growth or improve its competitive position by identifying the key constraints holding it back…. in other words, today’s environment requires a CFO to be not just a strategist, but a pragmatic strategist.”

In planning to grow your business, it is imperative to have access to a Finance Leader who understands market challenges and opportunities, helps you develop a market strategy, and then creates an operational plan with milestones and performance metrics to transform your business to its next stage.

This may be a paradigm shift in how the Finance Function is viewed today versus how we set the right expectations for tomorrow so that you can remain agile and truly compete and grow in the new economic environment.

Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel in an interview with Matthew Quinn of the Wall Street Journal, sums up what he needs from his CFO, Stacy Smith “One role is classic finance to focus Intel on driving profits and compliance with all laws world-wide. The other role is to be a sounding board for me and other senior managers in terms of strategies and opportunities.”

In addition to being a sounding board, the Finance Leader is an influencer and partner to the organization.  With excellent communications and people skills, your CFO supports you with timely and accurate communications.  Additionally, s/he has the ability to bring people together to identify challenges/opportunities, and develop and implement business solutions.  The cross-functional Finance Leader is also operationally driven and understands the importance of efficient business systems and processes for optimal and effective scalability.

In a recent article on the topic of Finance Leader, Ernst & Young says “Finance leaders must … be highly adept at building and leading effective teams around them.”  This position is increasingly more the public face of your company and therefore must effectively build relationships both internally as well as externally.

Lastly, the Finance Leader for the future needs to embrace transformations within your organization.  Whether you are going through a re-alignment or integration from an acquisition, the Finance Leadership requires strong people skills and plays a pivotal role in leading these transformations to make your growth strategies successful in creating value.


Still uncertain whether you have the right Finance Leader to support you in your future growth? Listen to our short video that gives some examples in how an effective Finance Leader brings value. You may also access the hand outs available on our website page Rudi Tuesday.

Of course, you can always pick up the phone and give us a call for a conversation at 617-449-7728

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