Developing Medical Devices For Children: Opportunities & Challenges

MDG October 2013 Forum:

Developing Medical Devices For Children: Opportunities & Challenges

This program will be at Children’s Hospital, Boston. Cutoff for preregistration is 6 p.m. Oct. 7


The development of medical devices for children has greatly lagged behind the development of devices for adults. The label “child” covers such diverse periods of human growth — from newborn to age 17 — that it creates a segmented and tiny market for device makers. Technical barriers challenge engineers to develop products for rapidly changing bodies. Implanted rigid devices do not grow with the child. And unless devices are designed with exquisite consciousness of child behavior, safety and patient compliance may be extremely difficult to attain.

Despite these challenges, some companies have succeeded in small, niche markets. There also are opportunities for incredible engineering accomplishments in solving health care needs. While the FDA has set up incentives for developing child age-specific pharmaceuticals, there is no similar program for medical devices.

Our October program will feature a panel of experts discussing the economic gaps, will examine some of the unique engineering hurdles and will look at one model for addressing some of these challenges.


  • Don Lombardi, CEO, Institute for Pediatric Innovation
  • Aaron Sandoski, Managing Director, Norwich Ventures
  • George Kenney, President, EntraTympanic
Lombardi Lombardi Lombardi
Lombardi Sandoski Kenney

Who Should Attend:

  • Entrepreneurs with a commitment to improving the lives of sick children
  • Engineers ready for a challenge to current ways of conceiving and designing products
  • Small and medium size medical device product development teams eager to cultivate new ground in the industry
  • Parents seeking answers to the heretofore insoluble problems of getting therapies that work for young bodies and minds
  • Clinicians hungry for alternatives to jerry-rigging oversize adult devices for small children
  • Anyone with an interest in how life sciences can effectively turn its attention to creating to previously intractable problems in serving some of the most vulnerable among us

About MDG

The Medical Development Group (MDG) is a community of individuals professionally committed to the Medical Device and other Medical Technology Industry segments united by the belief that innovation and advances in technology lead to substantial improvements in health care. MDG pursues this mission through the organization of educational programs and forums: the facilitation of cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration; the creation of venues for networking and information sharing for current and aspiring professionals, clinicians, and entrepreneurs; and the development of alliances with complementary organizations.



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