Achieving Non Linear Growth

Achieving Non Linear Growth in Academia: Lessons for your Company!

co-sponsored by Next Stage Solutions & Stybel, Peabody & Associates

Thursday | 5 March | 2015 | 10:30am – 12:30pm | light refreshments


Linear growth defines the present as the baseline and seeks to grow the same amount each year at a regular speed.

Nonlinear growth, however, defines the future as the baseline and seeks to make a radical shift from the past. An example of nonlinear business models incorporate branding, cloud computing, dynamic pricing models and delivery accelerators.

Are you managing for linear growth or nonlinear growth?

In this series we will learn from masters of nonlinear growth. Join us in an interactive workshop for CEOs and Business Owners interested in alternative and different ways to grow. We promise a nonlinear experience!
This is the first of a series on how CEOs can achieve nonlinear growth in 2015. Don’t miss out!

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Christopher E. Hopey, President, Merrimack College

Chris Hopey

Dr. Christopher E. Hopey has been president of Merrimack College for four years. Dr. Hopey directed a range of investments and initiatives that have advanced Merrimack’s position as a highly       ranked, internationally respected, selective comprehensive Catholic college.
Dr. Hopey engaged the College community in a collaborative strategic planning process to help Merrimack develop a clear vision for the future. The outcome was Merrimack’s strategic plan called, “The Agenda for Distinction,” which focuses on five strategic goals that altered the trajectory of the College by transforming it from an institution of promise to one of achievement.
Join us for a lively discussion in how this Academic Entrepreneur achieved the largest freshman class enrollment in its history this fall.

Discussion Leaders:
Dr. Larry Stybel, Co-Founder, Stybel, Peabody & Associates, Inc.
Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz, CEO, Next Stage Solutions, Inc.

Who should attend:   CEOs, Business Owners, Presidents, CFOs, COOs and other Decisionmakers

Questions to be Addressed:

  • What is the risk appetite for non-linear growth on your board?
  • What were three hurdles you had to overcome to take the organization through a transformation?
  • Where did you get the most push back in thinking outside the box?

WHERE: Next Stage Solutions, Inc,  67 South Bedford St, EAST, Lower Level, Burlington, MA 01803

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