What Does Your Gut Tell You?

Plotting Out a Roadmap | What Does Your Gut Tell You?

Many mid-market company owners and operators trust their intuitive senses —or “gut instincts” — to help navigate issues as they arise. Deloitte Development, 2012

What Does Your Gut Tell You?

Understanding where you are today with your business, both on a qualitative (gut) and quantitative basis (backed by well-defined business analytics), is essential in plotting a roadmap to where you want to take your business.

Capturing your present state will empower you to make the changes necessary to move your business forward.

  • Have you conducted a competitive landscape analysis lately?
  • What are your key strengths and weaknesses?  How have they changed?
  • Are your scarce internal resources holding you back from making the changes necessary to sustain profitability? Should you be making some changes in who you need on the bus moving forward?
  • Have you considered alternatives to achieving growth or maximizing the value of your business?
  • Are your business systems and processes aligned with your customers’ needs?  When was the last time you took inventory of your processes?

Your answers to these questions may tell your gut that it is time to take action. The process begins by acknowledging that you want to make a change.

Once you get a pulse of where you are positioned in the marketplace, you then can analyze and evaluate your opportunities by creating a roadmap that will get you there. Whether you decide to maintain status quo, consider alternatives like acquisitions, partnerships or product diversification, or plan for a future sale of your business, you want to be in a position to make optimal decisions based on rigorous quantitative and qualitative analyses, not just gut instincts.

Ready to Analyze Your Opportunities?

Next Stage Solutions partners with you. We take you (owner) through an intensive one-day work out, where we leave no stone unturned.  The process we use has helped dozens of companies identify key opportunities. By focusing on 3-5 initiatives during the workshop, we assist you in creating a plan for immediate implementation.  The benefit of this workshop is that it is designed just for you.

Call us for more details at 617-449-7728

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