Addressing Scalability Issues

MDG Logo MDG partners with NSS with a NSS LogoCEO Breakfast Series on Growth Strategies for Small to Mid-cap Companies in the MedTech Industry


GROWTH STRATEGY III | Scalability Issues

Wednesday | June 10 | 2015

7:30am—9:30am | Place: Constant Contact | 1601 Trapelo Road | Waltham

Join CEOs Mike Tamasi and Gordon Craig addressing Scalability Issues

Mike Tamasi Gordon

In this third installment of a 3-part Breakfast Series, we will be addressing the challenges and opportunities of mid-market companies to achieve profitable growth. Our interactive panel discussion will address the various organizational, infrastructure, and cultural changes required to scale their business and provide examples of successful strategies executed by their respective Companies in achieving real growth objectives.

The topic will be approached from different points of view provided by the experts and will look at the “Business of doing Business”. This holistic approach will include the Technical as well as the Human Capital side in the dialogue.

Discussion Leaders: 

Bob Weber, Managing Director, Next Stage Solutions, Inc.

Dick O’Brien, Principal, Nagog Hill Partners

David Danehy, Senior Product Manager, Philips Healthcare

Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz, CEO, Next Stage Solutions, Inc.

For more information: Bob Weber 617-449-7728 at Next Stage Solutions, Inc. | 67 South Bedford Street, Suite 400 West, Burlington, MA 01803

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