The Art of Scaling

Next Stage Solutions & Chief Outsiders present:

Scaling Your Business:  Innovative Plans to Ensure Growth & Sustainability

Thursday | 29 October | 11am – 1pm | Lunch

Join us for a lively discussion in how other CEOs have prepared their businesses to be adaptive and fully scalable.   You will learn what’s worked/not worked for them and how you can apply their experiences to your own growth challenges.


Rob Ristagno, COO, America’s Test Kitchen

Arthur Barrett, President, Barrett Distribution Centers

Chris Gallagher, COO, Gallagher Fluid Seals, Inc.

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Questions to be Addressed

  • How do you Achieve Growth from both Top and Bottom line?
  • What can you do when Growth Stalls?
  • What are the Key Strategies to ensure both Growth and Sustainability?
  • How do you Scale in a Complex and Dynamic Economy?

We will explore:

  • Product| Market Growth Strategies
  • Proven Approaches to Financial Stability & Bottom-Line Growth
  • Talent Strategies

Next Stage Solutions and Chief Outsiders both work with midmarket companies and will share their expertise and ideas with you.  This interactive workshop will help you prepare your organization to navigate the changes you’re sure to face with optimal flexibility.

You and your business need to be more agile than ever to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Contact us with additional ideas to incorporate into this discussion. Call us at 617-449-7728


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