Improve Your Profitability

Is Profitability on your Radar for 2016?  Improving YOUR bottom line is near and dear to us at Next Stage Solutions. Bragging is not our thing, yet we are very proud of our accomplishments over the years.

Next Stage Solutions professionals work with CEOs who want to increase and optimize the profitability of their existing and potential operations.

Our strategies in finance and operations generally have improved the bottom line by 30% or more in our assignments.

As experts in finance and operations we recognize improvements, which can be readily achieved.


  • We increased the use of an existing business processing system from 35% to 75%. The resulting automation and efficiency enabled our client to reallocate two full time employees to pressing needs in the organization.
  • We implemented a monthly forecast process, which resulted in a reduction of backorders, increased customer satisfaction, and eliminated unnecessary expediting costs.  This execution resulted in an immediate increase in EBITDA, while providing much more accurate forecasts.
  • We matched our clients’ workforce with the appropriate Workers’ Comp Insurance and negotiated a 33% annual reduction in premiums.

In all three examples we greatly exceeded our clients’ expectations.

What is your focus for 2016? If profit optimization is on your radar, contact me. I will be happy to share more examples with you to consider and as always, to start a conversation.

Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz, CEO of Next Stage Solutions, Inc. | 617 – 449 – 7728

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