Dog Day Afternoons

BrunsliSmallMy dog Brunsli is not fazed by the hot and humid weather, she just sleeps it away in the cooled house! Hope you are staying cool! Lots responded to my Lemonade request and it has been great to catch up with so many. It is still hot enough to have Lemonade, so don’t be shy….

This has been a summer of many distractions and also points to pause. Europe with its Brexit, multiple terrorist attacks, Deutsche Bank possibly in need of a bail out and overall currency fluctuations. This may indeed affect your business if you are doing business in Europe.

Here we are in the middle of the US presidential campaigns. It is not politics as usual……or is it?

Last week I attended the funeral of a client and dear colleague, Kevin Gosnell. Kevin was the CEO of T&K Asphalt Services, loving husband of Kathleen and father of three handsome sons. He died of ALS after a 15-month battle. What is so remarkable about Kevin is that once he was diagnosed with the incurable disease, he pulled out all plugs and decided to use his leadership skills from running his company and the Vistage group we shared, and bring the fragmented medical community together to pool funding and speed up research through ALS One with the hope to eventually have a cure. Take a look of the videos and support this great cause. Kevin is a hero in my eyes in how he took is death sentence public and made an incredible difference in a very short time. RIP Kevin and healing thoughts to his family.

Life intertwines with business as we all know. I am sure you are looking for the balance the way I have and figuring out where to draw the line. Take a moment these last few days of summer to reflect on where you are, what is good and what is possible to change.

Have you taken a closer look at the internal and external risks of your business? Most internal risks you can actually eliminate. What succession plans do you have in place?

Externally, mitigating risks for your business can be tricky, but being aware of the potential economic risks and implementing some buffers into your financial plans is a good strategy to consider.

Here is a blog post that may help you get started

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In the meantime, stay cool, Rudi

NSS Expands Services

NSS Expands its Services Offer        


We have a new team member at NSS! John Anderson, CPA, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CITP joined us last April expanding the team’s capabilities measurably.

John leads the Business Systems and Integrations side for NSS as well as the Public Accountancy specialty. John has successfully assisted several audits, IPO’s and been trusted by some of Boston’s top CFO’s in preparing their companies for SOx Compliance … a significant core responsibility for any US Public CFO.

We want you to be aware of 2 new important SEC Rules and Regulations:

  1. The New PCAOB Review Criteria

NSS can help you get up to speed in this highly specialized field of finance. Consider the following questions:

  • Are your controls structured and detailed in the currently required granularity?
  • Do you have a detailed and documented review process in place, evidenced with retained documentation?
  • Do you have support around related IT controls that are requested today?
  1. New Regulation A+

This brand new regulation with its final rules and form amendments are in effect since June 19, 2015. This aspect of the JOBS Act has the potential to permanently change the way we raise capital in the US.

The mandate expands Regulations A+ into two tiers:

  • Tier 1: Annual offering limit of $20M, including no more than $6M on behalf of selling securities holders that are affiliates of the issuer or secondary offering.
  • Tier 2: Annual offering limit of $50M, including no more than $15M on behalf of selling securities holders that are affiliates of the issuer or secondary offering.

Issuers must file Regulation A+ offering statement with the Commission electronically on EDGAR.

John TV

If you are a public company CEO or CFO and find yourself in overdrive with all the compliance regulations, John can help you by stepping in and getting you the support you need.  Q3 is shortly upon us, so let us know sooner rather than later.

You can reach John at 978-837-0092 or email at