NSS CEO Workshop | Mock Board Meetings with CEOs | Sept 27

NSS Workshop Series for CEOs and Business Owners

CEO Workshops are part of our continuing series of educational forums where CEO’s participate in peer to peer exchanges of ideas and thought leadership. We focus on the CEO’s role as the center of the business.  Professional Advisors may attend if accompanied by a CEO or Business Owner. No solicitations allowed.

Planning Growth:  Looking Back 6| Moving Forward 12

When: Thursday | September 27 | 10:30am – 12:30pm |

Light Lunch Sponsored by NSS client

Host: Gray, Gray and Gray at 35 Southwest Park, Westwood, MA 02090



Join us for 4 Mock Board Meetings addressing strengths, opportunities and threats for the upcoming 12 months while reflecting on the past 6 months. Each CEO, teamed up with a CFO, chooses a challenge they are faced with and a course of action.

They then present the solution to the ‘board’ that will examine, question and probe the team from different angles.  The audience (shareholders) will add questions and comments and vote at the end whether or not to approve the course of action then will vote the solution a go or no-go.


Mobile | George Adams, CEO of ViziApps, Inc and NSS CFO Derek Smith

Life Sciences | Bonnie Fendrock, Co-Founder of Hepregen, Inc and NSS CFO Bob Weber

Healthcare | Patrice Lamour, CEO of  Lamour by Design, Inc and NSS CFO Frank Bahl

Retail | Mike Savage, CEO of FitnessEM, Inc and NSS CFO Ben Weller

Board Chair: Carol Kunik, Coach for Vistage International will lead the panel of experts as board chair

Expert Panel as Board Members:

Neal Yanofsky, Strategic Partner at New Delta Partners will focus on the overall planned growth and how to realistically achieve it.

Michael Cecere, Partner at Gray, Gray & Gray will consider the tax implications of your solution.

Michael LaCascia, Partner at WilmerHale will stress the importance of looking at acquisitions for growth

Shelley Hall, Managing Director of Catalytic Management will be looking for a sound sales strategy and a strong emphasis on customer relations.

Larry Stybel, VP of Board Options, Inc will want to see a solid talent acquisition and retention plan in place.

Jay Karamourtopoulos, Senior Vice President Relationship Manager at CitiBank will consider the capital market status as an opportunity to growth.


  • 4  Mock Board Sessions
  • 15 minutes Board meeting
  • 5 minutes for Shareholders (Audience) to ask questions, then take a vote

Quote from last event:

“I did find the panel format lively and a very relevant topic for my client”  – Debra J. Drapalla,  SVP Commercial Banking, Webster Bank

VIDEOS from our last Workshop with 23 CEOs attending

We hope you can join us to witness the energy, seriousness and enthusiasm and to take back some new ideas in how to grow your business.

A Deep Bench of Financial Leadership – The NSS Team

Access to a Deep Bench with As-Needed Solution

The NSS Team offers financial expertise that large companies have access to but smaller companies typically do not.  Compromising with a one-person-do-it-all is no longer the only option. NSS has a part-time solution allowing small to medium sized companies to work with a deep bench of financial professionals and business partners. We have expanded our team with broader capabilities and specialties. Let me introduce you to this vibrant group of senior level professionals:

  • 180+ years of CFO/COO/Controller expertise
  • Our team has participated in 40+ M&A transactions on the sell and buy side in excess of $2.5Billion
  • 25+ ERP Process Flow Management Projects completed
  • Currently engaged in Part-time CFO, Full-time Interim CFO, Business Advisor and Controller

Frank M. Bahl, CPA, MBA, CGMA, FHFMA

Specialty:  Health Care and Construction, Cost Accounting


Amy R. Feldman, CPA, MBA

Specialty: Retail, Software, Venture and Emerging Company Management and Finance


Derek A. Smith, CA, CPA, CGMA

Specialty: Software (Premise based and SAAS), and Professional Services


Robert M.  Weber, MBA

Specialty:  Life Sciences, Biotech, Medical Devices and Big Pharma


Ben Weller, MBA, CPA

Specialty:  Lean Manufacturing, Retail and Enterprise Business Systems


Want to meet with us? Give us a call today at 617-449-7728 or send us an email.

Videos from NSS Workshop The People Factor: Leadership Development and Succession Planning

This is NSS’ second year of providing topic specific CEO workshops. This workshop was sold out at 45 attendees and we are gearing up for our next one on April 11, 2012. Save the date now for a debate on how to grow your company in this economy. We will have two CEO debate teams on Growth, one on the Acquisition side and the other on the Organic side. This is an opportunity for CEOs to come and hear what works for some and not for others and if you are on the fence in how to grow your business, don’t miss this debate!

In order to capture the discussions from our last workshop, we are posting all nine videos so that we can share them with more CEOs and other thought leaders.

We take pride in our selection of expert panelists and moderators who are leaders in their respective fields. Our thanks again to the workshop panelists:
Bonni DiMatteo, President of Atlantic Consultants, Inc

William Bachman, COO of Bingham McCutchen LLP
Lyn Kaplan, Business Performance Advisor at Insperity, Inc
Lisa Sasso, Executive Coach at Medical Development Partners, LLC
Larry Stybel, President of Stybel & Peabody Associates

The videos cover the following discussion pieces:
Video 1 – Leadership Retention
Video 2 – Developing the Right Culture
Video 3 – The Affect of a New Culture at Bingham
Video 4 – Structures and Processes of Leadership
Video 5 – What Leaders need to Develop today to Excel 15 years from Now
Video 6 – What are the Biggest Mistakes made in terms of Talent Development?
Video 7 – How do you get People in the Room with 100 Job Interviews?
Video 8 – Key Elements to Effective Succession Planning
Video 9 – How to Avoid Conflict between Citizenship and Compensation

If you would like to have a conversation with an NSS Team, please do not hesitate to call us at 617-449-7728 today to set up a time to meet.

Build and Retain Value for your Company in a Slow Recovery!

NSS Workshop Series for CEOs and Business Owners

How to Build and Retain Value for Your Company in a Slow Recovery!

Wednesday, Sept 28 2011 | 7:30am-9:30am

Host Place: NENS, New England Networking Solutions, 1 Presidential Way, Suite 104 B, Woburn, MA 01801

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Moderator: Carol Kunik, Vistage Expert


Host: NENS, New England Networking Solutions,  1 Presidential Way, Suite 104B, Woburn, MA 01801

Sponsor: Next Stage Solutions, Inc.

Value Creation Topics:

  • The Role your Company Culture plays
  • Identify Your Value Drivers
  • Balance Variable and Fixed Costs
  • Leverage Technology for Scalability
  • Continuous Improvement Methodologies
  • Leverage IP for new Revenue streams
  • Assess Competitive Risk

Join our Panel of Experts in an interactive discussion how to build and retain value creation in uncertain times.  What is value creation and why should you care?  Value creation is achieved by positively affecting the valuation of your business and is an ongoing process.

Many CEOs are so busy right now working in the business, that they lose sight of the longer term goals. The workshop intends to lead you back to a longer term view focusing on value creation inside and outside your business. Our panel of experts will propose ways to maximize the impact value drivers can have in realizing success.

The uncertain economy demands disruptive innovation, yet that implies risk that is harder to achieve. Agility is more important than ever, you want to be a speedboat rather than an ocean liner.  We will discuss how to incorporate hidden values into your strategy and how to attain value short-term and for the future health of your company. Value creation starts at inception and gets more complex with maturity.

Who should attend?

Exclusively for CEOs, Presidents, Founders, Board Members and Investors.